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Technology as Motivation

Experience the power of friendship and technology with Intellegam - the Munich startup is connecting you with a strong network of complementary minds


The 3 founders of Intellegam offer a wealth of knowledge, from AI consulting to software development and successful Entrepreneurship

What we're all about

Its all about the Team. At Intellegam, our values influence every decision we make.
Personal skill developement is the main motivator to go to work every day
Maximize your value to create value for the company
Own up to your mistakes and take responsibility.
Take Innovation to the next level - Let's create the future together
We strive to create an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and open communication.
But most important: It's all about fun. The base of working at Intellegam is trust and freedom of work.
our story

Making organizational knowledge accessible to everyone

5 years of intense research and  hard work later, our founders had a solution: Intellegam, the digital assistant to make all information accessible in seconds.

Knowlege Democratization: Enable employees or customers to access knowledge you thought was lost.

Information monitoring: Gain insight into what appeals to your customers and what they're struggling to understand about your products.. Learn more.
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