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Demographic change: How companies prevent knowledge loss with Intellegam

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Initial Situation:

Demographic change is a pressing issue for German companies. The aging of the workforce and the retirement of experienced employees often result in a significant loss of knowledge and expertise within the company. Additionally, the complexity and diversity of products are constantly increasing, making it difficult to retain all necessary knowledge. This results in a knowledge gap that affects the efficiency of the company.

Intellegam's Solution:

Intellegam has developed a solution to this problem by creating digital knowledge centers. By using OCR technology and NLP layers, Intellegam can digitize product data sheets, description texts, emails and other internal company information. This information is then stored in the Intellegam Engine database, where it can be easily accessed and used to answer even the most complex questions about products and internal company information. In addition, the digital engine provides employees with advice and recommendations based on their individual needs and requirements.


Intellegam's solution provides several benefits, including centralizing knowledge and making it digitally accessible. The demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers can be prevented, and there is a significant increase in the efficiency of knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the machine never forgets, providing a permanent source of information and expertise for the company.

This solution is particularly relevant for industries such as manufacturing, engineering, technology as well as brokers or consulting companies. Everywhere there is a need to retain and access vast amounts of information and knowledge about products and processes.

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