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"Intellegam: Find the Right Product in Half a Minute"

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Initial situation:

Customers today have shorter attention spans and are quickly frustrated by complex filter criteria when searching for products online. In fact, research shows that customers typically spend only one minute on a website and make only four clicks before moving on to a different marketplace. This results in a high bounce rate and a poor user experience, which can be detrimental to a business's bottom line.

Intellegam's solution:

To address this challenge, Intellegam has developed a new approach to product visibility and customer support. Our language algorithms and sophisticated cross-linking system provide customers with a tailored product selection based on their search query, along with individualized recommendations, all in just half a minute and with just one click. No matter how complex your product assortment is, our engine will find the right fit for your customers. With Intellegam, you can offer your customers the same level of expertise as a highly trained salesperson, but in digital form.


By improving the user experience and helping customers find the products they need quickly and easily, Intellegam can increase your website's conversion rate and drive sales. Additionally, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the solution can lead to cost savings for your business. With Intellegam's cutting-edge language algorithms, you can get more out of your website and provide a better experience for your customers.

Get more out of your website with Intellegam's cutting-edge language algorithms.

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