WeConnectAI visiting Trovarit AG

Apr 29, 2024

Aachen, 9th April - At the cutting edge of AI integration in business consultancy, WeConnectAI, in partnership with Intellegam, recently collaborated with Trovarit AG for an informative workshop series. The event was a rendezvous for industry experts, with Tobias Hetfleisch, Marco Zöller, and Philipp Seiter from WeConnectAI steering the knowledge exchange.

Throughout the workshop, we emphasized practical AI applications and strategic implementation for businesses. We delved into generative AI, including tools like ChatGPT, and shared insights on enhancing tool proficiency for better operational efficiency.

The workshop's agenda focused on:

  • Educating about AI in a business context.
  • Hands-on practice with AI tools to boost daily operations.
  • Building use cases tailored for efficiency in workplace routines.
  • Developing specialized toolkits for industry-specific challenges.
  • Leveraging generative AI in consultancy to drive innovation.

With an engaging turnout, it was clear that AI's role in customer experience and internal management is becoming indispensable. Kudos to Trovarit AG for the successful sessions, and a big thank you to all the participants eager to ride the wave of AI's transformative potential in the industry.