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Tailored AI: Flexibly Shaping Your Business Solutions

Intellegam’s AI customizes to meet specific business requirements with precision. Enhance your workflows with adaptable AI tools that fit perfectly into your operational needs.

  • Data base
  • Tone Setting
  • Access Levels and more

We integrate all your information sources

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How we track interactions

Get real-time insights on your performance

We help you / our clients to better understand their audience. What are the most questions asked, which information provided lead to a conversion? Improve your SEO by embedding the most asked questions and answers on your website - Google will love it.

  • Auto-generated reports
  • SEO-Optimization
  • Customer transparency and insights



Intellegam is a German company based in Germany.
All employees are based in Germany. We do not have any outsourced staff or suppliers in any country outside the EU.
Intellegam complies with the EU and German laws. These include but are not limited to the protection of personal data (GDPR), Data protection, information security as well as the European AI Act.

Intellegams IT-Hubs: Secure usage of AI-Environments in European data centres.

Data centres we use are located in Frankfurt, Bruxelles, Paris and London.

Information Security

Intellegam has implemented an ISMS framework to protect any data breach.

Intellegams information security management system includes policies, clear roles & responsibilities and processes to prevent or mitigate any incident of data breach. This encompasses the key areas as:

  • Audits and transparency
  • Human resources
  • Asset Management
  • Access, network and infrastructure controls
  • Operations security
  • Data protection
  • Supplier Management

Our approach in applying AI

Intellegams technology can be classified as a Generative AI solution, designed to find the right information within a defined source of data. It uses NLP (natural language processing) models to understand the context of the required information (question) and provides the related answers in a human like dialog. In this context the critical risks to be managed are: 

  • Violation od copy rights or illegal contents: With the client we define the set of source-information and hereby secure that copyrights are not violated or illegal or offendive content is created or shared.
  • Transparency: The users of Intellegams technology are aware and informed that the results are created by a 'machine' and not by a human.
  • Discrimination or political statements: Intellegams technology can not be used to create discriminating content or political statements.